Eastcompeace Technology  Co., Ltd


  Security & System Related

  · GSM Association Security Accreditation Scheme Certificate

  · CMMI III (Capacity Maturity Model Integration, Software Engineering)

  · VISA Certified Card Vendor

  · MasterCard Certified Card Vendor 

  · UnionPay Certified Card Vendor

  · JCB Certified Card Vendor

  · ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

  · ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate

  · ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

  · ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certificate

  · CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Certificate

  Product & Technology Related

  · EAL4+ Certification of National Information Security Product

  · IC Card Reader Terminal Manufacturing Certificate

  · Oracle Approved Java Licensee

  · Celltick Certified SIM Product

  · SmartTrust Certified WIB Product

  · VISA/MasterCard Contact & Dual-Interface Certified Product

  · UnionPay/UICS Dual-Interface Certified Product

  · COS Certificate for Citizen Card, Social Security Card and Taxation Control Card


  ·2003-2007 China IC Card Association “ Smart Card Top 10 Company in China” 
  ·2006 Frost & Sullivan “Business Development Strategy Leadership in China”  
  ·2007 Golden Card Project “Smart Card Industry Best Supplier in China” 
  ·2007 Frost & Sullivan “Market Penetration Leadership in Asia Pacific”
  ·2007 China IC Card Association “Smart Card Technology Innovation Annual Award in China”
  ·2008 B.I.D. “International Star Award for Leadership in Quality”
  ·2009 B.I.D. “Century International Platinum Quality Era Award”