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CMI chooses Eastcompeace OTA&RSP solution to ensure secure to its eSIM deployment

Recently, the CMI OTA platform & eSIM RSP project of Eastcompeace and China Mobile International Co., Ltd. will be officially launched.

In the project, the OTA system is mainly used to support overseas roaming card services. Users can push local numbers to terminal even in different regions, so that they can enjoy local low-cost and high-quality mobile network services. The RSP system can load the virtual card data into the electronic device supporting the eSIM by means of over-the-air downloading so that the customer can log the mobile terminal to the network more conveniently without entering into the mobile business hall.

Eastcompeace solutions are based on virtualized design with rigorous functions and secured design, which provide services to tens of millions of customers with system capacity of 20 million, and it reaches 180TPS per second in transaction, while strictly resisting the Internet Attacks and Threats.

With the development of IoT network, there are more and more devices in different shapes and different fields being connected to mobile network, which makes the eSIM an indispensable element. The large-scale usage of eSIM makes its life cycle management become essential.

Eastcompeace eSIM Subscription Management Platform can integrate with MNOs’ platforms and work as a SP to provide mobile devices by embedded eSIM smoothly with the kinds of benefits for Subscribers, MNOs, Device Manufacturers.

At present, Eastcompeace has obtained the GSMA SAS-SM electronics consumer and M2M version certification (For a detailed list, please click the GSMA official website link: https://www.gsma.com/security/sas-accredited-sites/ ). Having rich technical experiences and the system operation capability, Eastcompeace can provide customers with high-quality, efficient and stable technical services to protect customers' business development.

Eastcompeace is willing to work with each user to connect more closely with the world..