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       The largest mobile event for 2019 is officially held in Barcelona from February 25- 28, 2019. Thousands of attendees flocked to MWC19, where the theme was Intelligent Connectivity. Intelligent Connectivity marks the beginning of an era, defined by highly contextualized and personalized experiences, delivered as and when you want them, shaping the future of our industry and our world – intelligently connecting everything and everyone to a better future.


      2019 exhibition included everything from 5G products and services, connected cars, VR, AI, IoT devices, new handsets and ingenious app ideas, privacy protection and backend solutions were on display. Visitors also explored and experienced immersive demonstrations of the most  cutting-edge mobile enabled products and services in the world today.


Today, Eastcompeace brings perfect IoT and eSIM solution to visitors.


 The application of Lora and NB-IoT technology in roadside parking city management, is committed to relieving the city parking, and others caused by traffic congestion problems, to provide parking space use and turnover. At the same time, with the infrastructure of extensive deployment of solutions, relying on big data digging, to achieve effective management and planning of parking charges, to provide the decision-making basis for the government's urban management and improve the efficiency of supervision.


The eSim remote subscription management platform RSP, which is used in the field of personal consumer electronics, provides the basic remote subscription management service for operators, virtual operators, group customers, equipment manufacturers and other customers to download and install the operator's profile to eSim in the personal consumer electronics device.


In addition, Eastcompeace also showcased the latest series of card design. From materials, crafts, pattern design and other perspectives, a deep display of Eastcompeace in the card production process technology and advantages, not only from the security, but also from the beautiful, personalized customization to customers a new visual experience.



2019, Eastcompeace will be more closely connected to the world and to everyone.