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Eastcompeace: weaving the smart city's future with the Internet of things


Smart city construction is a new generation of information technology and other application-oriented technology closely linked with the city, is to promote more efficient urban governance, more developed industries, an important means of urban livability. The smart city in everyone's eyes is not the same, some people think that the smart city is which taking the bus no longer need to wait, pay water and electricity fees do not need to queue, or some people think that smart city can be unimpeded for going out, and working at home, people's eyes of the smart city has a core feature - people-oriented. Any technological progress is to make the environment more suitable for people's life so that people live more convenient and better.. With the development of Internet and IOT technology, the arrival of the era of big data, the technical conditions for building a smart city have gradually matured. At present, China is speeding up the development and construction of smart cities, using the Internet of Things to "weave" the new era of smart cities. Eastcompeace actively responds to and embraces the trend, and contributes to this new era.

At the 2018 YunQi Congress Exhibition, Eastcompeace exhibited two solutions: intelligent parking guidance for urban roads and intelligent remote meter reading for water services. We proposed and implemented these two solutions because we wanted to see everyone go out easily, the road is clear, and we are no longer difficult to find a rare parking space. Every drop of water plays its important role, and every resource is properly allocated.

Intelligent transportation: solving the problem of "parking difficulty" in cities

    With the rapid development of urban economy, the construction of transportation infrastructure is accelerated, the demand for urban transportation is greatly increased, and the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. A series of problems, such as traffic congestion, traffic pollution, frequent traffic accidents and parking difficulties, have become the bottlenecks restricting the development of urban society and economy, and have become the focus in traffic management and urban intelligent transportation construction. Intelligent Transportation aims to alleviate traffic congestion, improve urban traffic conditions, maximize urban traffic efficiency, and establish a new generation of integrated traffic coordination system with coordinated operation of people, vehicles, roads and environment, and improve the overall operational efficiency of urban traffic system. It plays a very important role in the smart city construction.

    By using of road vehicle guidance, traffic order optimization, parking guidance, intelligent parking management and other intelligent management tools to improve the management, it can reduce traffic congestion by 30% at least. Therefore, the research and development direction of Eastcompeace IoT is intelligent parking. By using advanced LPWAN/NB-IOT (low-power wide area network) and original vehicle sensor technology, the vehicle state information on the road or parking space is collected and sent to the cloud platform for secondary processing and utilization, and analyzed with large data, connected with mobile payment, a series of actions make parking guidance, self-parking, self-service payment and other functions come true. Users can check the parking space around the destination in real-time through the mobile phone, and accurately navigate to the relevant parking space. When the vehicle needs to leave, the user can also find the vehicle position in reverse through mobile phone. This plan has effectively solved a series of problems, such as parking space management and parking difficulties.

    Eastcompeace provides a solution to the parking guidance linking in the intelligent transportation system. Through the functions of status monitoring, parking space search, parking guidance, visual operation, law enforcement supervision, mobile payment and so on, the intelligent management of "people", "car" and "parking space" is finally constructed. This project can not only help the government to modernize its jurisdiction, establish demonstration projects, provide good municipal services for the public, but also reduce the costs of equipment, labor, operating and so on.

Intelligent water affairs: from "manual meter reading" to "smart uploading"

    One of the core construction points of smart city is to build intelligent water affair, and use the water Internet of things technology to manage urban water resources more efficiently. China is a serious water shortage country, with a per capita water resource of only 2,200 cubic meters, only one fourth of the world average. Water resources management is an important part of urban intelligent management and one of the symbols of the level of urban intelligent management. The mechanical water meter accounts for 90% of the total water meter in our country, about 400 million households. With the passage of time, the traditional mechanical water meter data acquisition has some drawbacks: difficulty in mechanical water meter data acquisition which resulted in both inaccurate data, difference of reading time and inaccurate production-sales ratio data analysis, due to budget constraints, it is difficult to quickly solve problems such as the updating of water meter which will directly affect the overall measurement accuracy and production and marketing analysis of water.

    In recent years, under the guidance of the concept of "smart water", great changes have taken place in the management of water companies, through data acquisition, transmission and other sensor equipment online detection of the operation of water system, and the use of visualization to integrate water management departments and facilities, the formation of "urban water things network". The massive data are analyzed and processed in time through the digital management platform of water affairs, and the corresponding processing results are made to assist decision-making suggestions, so as to manage the whole production, management and service process of the water affairs  system in a more sophisticated and dynamic way.

    The Intelligent Waterworks Remote Meter Reading Solution supports the latest NB-IoT and LoRa wireless communication technologies to achieve remote data transmission and flexible access to the water IoT of management cloud platform. In the operator-based station signal coverage area, the Terminal (intelligent water meter) will be connected with NB-IoT technology. When in uncovered the local or remote areas, we will deploy in a small range with LoRa Ad-Hoc network, to better solve the management problem that intelligent water meter deployed in different environments of the whole city unified access platform.

    At the same time, the intelligent water meter has the most abundant network management, pressure monitoring, temperature measurement, leakage analysis, countercurrent detection and two-way flow measurement industry leading functions. It can optimize water supply and ensure accurate water trade measurement and settlement. It can realize real-time data upload of water meter and analysis of leakage data of pipeline network. The data is objective and accurate. It can read and monitor the operation of the Security Bureau in real time. The construction of Smart City has solved the problems of low efficiency of manual copying of mechanical water meters, large errors in data copying and long-term fund raising operation of water supply companies.

"Safety and wisdom sharing" to create an ecosystem of East China's open logistics ecosystem

   In 2016, Eastcompeace IoT R&D Center was established, put forward the core development concept of "security, wisdom, sharing". On the basis of open platform, through the financial-grade Internet of Things security communication technology with independent intellectual property rights, we can provide effective security services for data and control signaling transmission of the Internet of Things system, build a safe, intelligent and shared system platform, and create an "open ecosystem of Eastcompeace-IoT". Intelligent parking guidance and intelligent water remote meter reading are the beginning of this ecosystem.

    Relying on the support of Ali-Cloud data analysis service, the open ecosystem of the IoT integrates LoRa terminal multi-dimensional data, realizes real-time presentation and prediction analysis of data information through professional large data visual graphical interface, and satisfies the display of various services such as business monitoring, risk early warning, geographic information analysis and so on. Provides data reference to help enterprises acquire effective business insights. At the same time, it can help customers build platforms, aggregate ecological partners, meet the challenges of digital transformation, and achieve sustainable development and business success.

   Smart city is people's expectation for a better life in the future, is the development direction of new technology of the Internet of Things, and is also the stage goal of peaceful transformation and upgrading of Eastcompeace. When we were young, we always dreamed that we could listen to the teacher and communicate with our classmates at home, imagined that we could have the special function of "transience" and imagined the life of "taking things in the air" through the electronic screen. All this seems unrealistic, but we are realizing it little by little.