Eastcompeace Technology  Co., Ltd

Eastcompeace earns GSMA SAS-SM certification committing to eSIM subscription management system

On August 17, 2018, the eSIM subscription management system developed by Eastcompeace technology co.,LTD successfully passed the GSMA SAS-SM(GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme Subscription Management Certification)security certification, who is the first manufacturer in China to pass the security certification of SM-DP+, SM-DP and SM-SR at same time.

GSMA SAS-SM provides world-class operational Security inspections and unified security audits method. The SAS-SM ensures that certified eSIM management services reach the highest level of security. And this certification grants Eastcompeace the ability to provide fully certified eSIM remote subscription management services for both M2M and consumer electronics use cases, and own the integrated solution from  subscription management platform to intelligent terminal to eSIMs.
The eSIM subscription management system developed by Eastcompeace includes the SM-DP+ system that applied in the field of consumer electrics use and the SM-DP and SM-SR systems applied in the field of M2M use. The system meets the security requirements of SAS-SM from the aspects of receiving 
customer data, data processing, server physical deployment and subscription management service platform.

The platform provided by the new generation of eSIM subscription management system will greatly promote the growth of M2M and Internet of things applications. At present, Eastcompeace is actively promoting subscription management service to global MNOs, MVNOs, IoT and consumer electronics users. Eastcompeace once again proved to its clients that we are committed to the security and data protection of the eSIMs environment, and created industry confidence in the security of its remote provisioning for sensitive processes and applications to the end-user.