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Hongkong Unicom choose Eastcompeace partner for Multiple IMSI system

In the release of the mobile data and market data report, mobile data has increased significantly in recent years and is mainly driven by Video. By 2018, total data increased 12 times than in the past five years. However, the market share of roaming data is less than 0.5% of total mobile data. The difference between roaming users and local users is also obvious. Some countries, roaming data is only 10% of the local users, and in some tourism destinations, roaming user may be approximately equal to the local users, which means the most of users felt inconvenient when roaming abroad. 

Avoid high international roaming charges for the user, and help operators to improve the user experience, to provide more valuable services to its clients, Eastcompeace has partnered with China Unicom Global Limited to develop a Multiple IMSI system of Hong Kong Unicom.

Basing on the Eastcompeace OTA system, the SIM card can store multiple IMSI, and to switch from different numbers according to state code when user arrives at a new country, which makes the international customers of China Unicom can download and use the local mobile phone number easily when roaming abroad.


* China United Network Communications Group Co. Ltd. (“China Unicom”) established in January 2009 with the merger of former China Netcom and former China Unicom.  China Unicom, ranked in Fortune Global 500,  is the only Chinese telecom operator listed in the stock exchanges of New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai (HKSE: 0762, NYSE: CHU, SHA: 600050).

With a modern communication network characterized by nationwide coverage and extensive global reach, China Unicom operates fixed and mobile communication services (WCDMA, LTE, FDD, TD- LTE), domestic and international communications facilities, satellite service, network access service, value-added and system integration services.