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What you don't know about LoRa smart meters

Do you still have a meter in your neighborhood? That's really OUT. In this age, everything is popular and intelligent, and that includes water meters. Now there is a new smart water meter, the LoRa water meter, which perfectly solves the problem of door-to-door meter reading.


LoRa water meter, is embedded with LoRa communication module in the water table, collecting the water volume, and by LoRa modulation, it is reported to LoRa gateway regularly, and the configuration instructions of the server are received through LoRa gateway.

Water meter manufacturer usually because of that the company didn't have enough research and development team and too much energy to do secondary development, but for now, Eastcompeace set up a project team and developed a communication module which integrated with existing platforms of manufacturers to be used for measuring, control valve, time division multiple access, wake up over the air. This allows the meter manufacturer to not invest in the development again, which saves the cost and the energy for the meter manufacturer.

 At present, LoRa meter has just started, and such as GPRS, FSK, IC still take up a large proportion. However, since the GPRS may withdraw from network, FSK is short distance and IC card is not in real-time, so LoRa smart meters is optimistic in future.

1. Ultra-long distance communication, measured stable communication distance from >5Km.

Bee cloud communication module, adopt LoRa modulation technology, set IoT wireless communication experience for radio frequency (RF) to calibrate, the measured steady communication distance > 5 km, perfectly solved the small amount of data from the problem for ultra-long distance communication, meter reading industry provide powerful wireless network security.

 2. Ultra-low power consumption and support for 3 power saving modes.

Wireless meter reading has a high power consumption requirement, while the bee cloud communication module has been optimized by software and hardware engineers to introduce three energy-saving working modes. Combined with multiple power consumption optimization techniques, such as multi-stage adjustable, multi-stage dormancy and air awakening, it can realize ultra-long distance transmission in ultra-low power consumption, which has obvious advantages in battery power supply application.

 3. Ultra high acceptance sensitivity, to a staggering -142dbm.

LoRa modulation technology has a unique spectrum amplification processing for signals, and the receiving sensitivity is up to a staggering -142dbm, which is a good news for the highly reliable meter reading industry.

4. Large network capacity, flexible networking and low cost.

The LoRa network can be connected to tens of thousands of nodes, which can be flexibly added and reduced according to the household water meter, and the network expansibility is pretty good, module cost is very low, free communication cost and overall operation cost is lower.


LoRa smart meter would have very good prospects of application, Eastcompeace is willing to contribute to the development of industry, and promote the Internet of things together in the meter industry to be vigorous development.