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(MWC 2018) LoRa Solution Deploy Your IoT Solution in a Simple and Fast Way

With the development of Internet of Thing (IoT), there are many communication protocols such as WIFI, ZigBee, NB-IoT and LoRa.  There are also many factors to evaluate these protocols, such as node cost, network cost, battery lifetime, latency, coverage, and deployment model. 


Compared with other protocols, LoRa is utilized in unlicensed spectrum, which makes it have benefits such as wide coverage, easily implementation and low cost. LoRa would be the best option for the IoT applications that need very long battery lifetime and optimized cost.


As a leading global information security solution and service provider, Eastcompeace exhibited at MWC 2018 full sets of LoRa solution. In the area of IoT, our solution is centered on the communication module and gateway with LoRa WAN standard, to help clients tailor IoT solutions through a variety of sensors and the analysis of large data management platform, and widely used in smart city, smart agriculture, smart factory, etc.