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(MWC 2018) eSIM Subscription Management Platform JUST IN TIME

With the development of IoT network, there are more and more devices in different shapes and different fields being connected to mobile network, which makes the eSIM an indispensable element. The large-scale usage of eSIM makes its life cycle management become essential.


As an experienced and innovative smart card manufacturer, Eastcompeace demonstrate in MWC 2018 a full-service solution of subscription management for IoT devices with eSIM inside.


Eastcompeace eSIM Subscription Management Platform can integrate with MNOs’ platforms and work as a SP to provide mobile resources to eSIM embedded devices smoothly with the kinds of benefits for Subscriber, MNO, Device Manufacturer.


With the advantages listed above, Eastcompeace eSIM Subscription Management Platform can be applied in Public Security Monitoring, Electronic Consumer, Electric Power Monitoring, Automotive Industry, etc.