Eastcompeace Technology  Co., Ltd

Dual Interface Card

Product Overview:
Dual-interface CPU cards made by Eastcompeace, consist of chip and antenna, and deploy contact and contactless interfaces which are based on the shared microprocessor, OS and EEPROM. Card energy supply and data contactless transmission are realized by RF generated in magnetic field.

Eastcompeace has years of experience in contact/contactless card manufacture with stable and mature technique. Furthermore, with its improvement and test on dual-interface cards, its import of advanced infrastructure and embedding technique, optimization of connect between antenna and contact, deduction of card embedding failure, Eastcompeace is an ideal partner for clients. 

Use Cases:

Thanks to its multi-application, high security, quick transaction, and good compatibility, dual-interface card enjoys a wide application in finance and the area of city card. It assists the applications of debit/credit cards, financial purse, micropayment, fare policy (e.g. public transit, water, electricity, gas) contactless payment. Meanwhile, dual-interface card is also used to secure data storage and authenticate employee identification to enhance enterprise management.