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Social Security Card

Chinese Social Security Card is unifiedly planned by Ministry of Human Source and Social Security. The basic information (such as Name, Gender, Personal ID No., Card No., Issue Date, Valid Date, Personal Photo, etc.) of the cardholder is printed on the card body and stored into the chip. The card can record the cardholder’s social insurance payment of premiums, personal pension insurance account information, personal medical insurance account information, vocational qualifications and skills, working experience, occupational injury and occupational disease & disability, etc.

Chinese Social Security Card can also realize financial application in the same chip or an added magnetic stripe for payment.

· Compliant with "Social Security (personal) card specification" by the Ministry of Human Source and Social Security;
  · Compliant with "General Rules for Finance Function in Social Security Card ";
  · Support for Personal Certificate;
  · Support PBOC2.0/PBOC3.0;
  · Certified by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security
  · Certified by BCTC (Bank Card Test Center);
  · Based on proprietary TurboCOS development platform;

★EASTCOMPEACE is a major Social Security Card supplier certified by the Ministry of Human Source and Social Security and has delivered more than 200 million pcs of Social Security Card.