Eastcompeace Technology  Co., Ltd

Mag-Stripe Card

Product Overview:
The suites of mag-stripe card products made by Eastcompeace are classified into Hi-Co and Lo-Co products according to the coercivity. Hi-Co mag-stripe is in compliance with ISO/IEC 7811 standards with coercivity ranging from 2,500 Oe to 4,000 Oe. As we know the higher the coercivity, the stronger the wear. Hi-Co mag-stripe card is prevailing in many banks with the help of its advantages, such as lower risk of card read failure, card life cycle extension, reduction costs of card replacement or rejection, application to POS and ATMs, etc.

However, Lo-Co mag-strip complies with ISO/IEC 7811-2 standard with coercivity ranging from 250 Oe to 700 Oe.

Specifications and Characteristics:

l Mag-stripe: Hi-Co/Lo-Co

l Material: PVC, PETG etc;

l Layout size: compliance with 85.6mm x 53.9mm x 0.78mm, UnionPay, Visa and MasterCard requirements;

l Card shape: standard, unusual card body(i.e. Mini Card)

l Printing features: embossing, indent printing, silkscreen printing and off-set printing;

l Security: hologram, UV, microprinting and signature panel;

l Card design: transparent card, fragrant card, mirror surface card, refractive card and temperature sensing card.  

Use Cases:

Eastcompeace , as a mag-stripe card manufacturer and card personalizer, has provided good services for its customers, such as Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, Everbright Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Citic Bank, The Reserve Bank of India, Shinhan Bank, Asian Bank of Bangladesh and Indonesia's BCA and other banks, both domestically and cross-boder.

Besides, its annual production reaches (more than) 200 million mag-stripe cards.