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Banking Card Perso Solution

The solution contains three modules: VPP personalization hairpin module, EMV data preparation module and key management module respectively.  

VPP personalization issuing card module (VIS)
Module introduction:
VIS is widely used in telecommunications, social security, financial fields. VIS provides local operation management, local data management, fabrication. When you have access to the VPP platform, it also can provide the user management, operation management, log, and other functions in order to furnish safer data management and user permissions authentication management. VIS currently supports the current main personalization, the initialization of various mainstream equipment, meets CARDS personalize, CARDS initialization, initialization of strip module , Contact and contactless chips writing, laser printing, stamping, embossing and indent printing, and other functions. 

Module features: 
1、Local operation management: generate homework, import and export data, distribution assignment.
2、Local data management: distribute personal data, tag data (if needed), audit homework, mark the redo card 
3、Fabrication control: control the startup and termination of production, write chips, print, etc. The system supports single/double laser, single/double small card and many other kinds of equipment. 
4、It also can choose network module, support linking up with VPP platform for seamless cohesion. 

EMV data preparation module:
Module introduction:
EMV data preparation module realizes the EMV fabrication data generation module according to the standard of PBOC2.0 and EMV. It can satisfy VISA, MASTER, PBOC2.0 all kinds of product data preparation demand.  EMV adopts HSM for key management and calculation, according to security requirements required by VISA, Unionpay and other EMV card organizations.  EMV data preparation module provides local operators authentication management. In addition, It link up with VPP platform for unified management.  The module provides key management, template management, issuing data management and other functions. The module is used in bank card personalization production. It is an important part of establishing personalization center. 

Module features:
1、Linking up with VPP platform to operate, or run by itself.
2、Support the basic login authentification method based on username and password. It also can choose other additional physical authentication certificate way such as USB-KEY, IC card to login.
3、Manage the data preparation production task and all the data association production task batches.
4、Manage data TAG item, support increasing data TAG item dynamically, with good expansion ability.
5、Manage the detection of data legitimacy, repeatability, integrity, consistency. 
6、Manage the CA certificate, check the consistency between issuing card bank CA and its data BIN number.

Key management module:
Product Overview:
Key management module is the main part of large scale card application system. It main supplies the authentication of card validity, authentication of exchange data integrality, the authentication of exchange data external, the certification of terminal update a. It is very important in payment and ID identification. Key management module which connects with HSM, can supplies the generation of key, the storage of key, the generation of sub key and other functions. According to the difference of HSM, it can supports many algorithm, such as DES and the derive of DES, AES and the derive of AES, RSA, SS33, SM1, SM7.

Product Features:
1、Support multi-keys, multi-revision management and secure deletion and generation;
2、Support to define sub key’s derivation algorithm;
3、Support to generate sub key, and export to file or smart card in encrypted way;
4、Support user management and permission management;
5、Supply operation log and the list of key.