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SIM-Kiosk Solution

SIM-Kiosk is a self-service kiosk machine that can be located in customer care lobby, airport, shopping mall, university and other applicable places to allow subscriber to recharge the mobile account, to issue a new SIM card, to play advertising, to replace a SIM card, etc.. 

Provide Better Service

According to our research, in crowed customer lobbies, new SIM purchase and recharge transactions constitute almost 60% of business activities. Subscriber needs to take time to queue and operator needs to hire more people to do the simple business.

Eastcompeace’s SIM-Kiosk solution provides a smart way to solve this problem. Subscriber can do business on the machine by an easy way, which can be 24*7 hours online to enhance efficiency and save the human cost. Operator also can deploy it in different locations to extend the service channel. It’s a good solution for operator and subscriber.

High Security 
High security is required for SIM-Kiosk solution. Eastcompeace has many ways to ensure the safety of transaction. 

Cooperation Mode
Eastcompeace has the flexible cooperation mode for operator. Normally we have two kinds of cooperation mode as below:

(a: Independent Operation Mode

  ·Operator has the ownership and enjoy all the profit from SIM-Kiosk;
  ·Operator implements maintenance task by themselves and Eastcompeace provides operation&maintenance training and 5*8 hotline support service;

(b: Revenue Share Mode
  ·Eastcompeace has the ownership of SIM-Kiosk and shares the revenue with operator with certain ratio;
  ·Eastcompeace is responsible for the general maintenance;

We also support for other cooperation mode. If any queries, please contact with us.